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Fun, personal, and stylish are three words that best describe the new direct sales company, Origami Owl, and their range of products. The idea behind Origami Owl’s jewelry line is to give women a chance to express themselves through small charms, which can be placed inside locket pendants and be worn as necklaces. These charms are more than just decorative accents that can be added to jewelry, they are embellished with small details that represent various interests, special occasions, and stories. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to express your hobbies or advocate causes that you are passionate about, there is a charm from Origami Owl that will allow you to tell your story in a creative and fashionable way. Origami Owl charms are special because of their ability to touch and inspire people’s lives.

Origami Owl Products

Excited to explore the different charms and necklaces that Origami Owl offers? Below are some of the products that you can expect from this new direct sales company:

Origami Owl Charms

Origami Owl Locket Pendants

An Origami Owl necklace won’t be complete without a locket to hold all your charms in place. The company features 8 different lockets of varying sizes and color. Whether you fancy silver, yellow gold, or even rose gold, there is a locket for every taste and preference.

Origami Owl Necklace Chains

A necklace won’t be a necklace without a chain to wear it around your neck. Choose from various chains of varying lengths, colors, and thickness to suit your personal style.

Origami Owl Metal Plates and Dangles

Once you have chosen your charms, your locket, and your necklace chain, you can also add a stamped metal plate that features special messages on your necklace. Origami Owl also offers a wide-range of crystal, pearl, and beaded dangles to add more style into your necklaces. You can add small floral dangles for a more feminine touch or add a pearl dangle if you want something classic and sophisticated.

From their charms and lockets to their chains and dangles, Origami Owl has certainly proven that they put in a lot of thought and effort into their products. You can see the company’s superior craftsmanship in every aspect of an Origami Owl necklace. Their charms feature even the most minute of details, allowing their customers to properly tell their stories through the necklaces they wear.

It is rare to find a jewelry company that would grant customers complete control over how they would like their jewelry to turn out and this is exactly what sets Origami Owl apart from other jewelry companies in the industry.


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Origami Owl Jewelry FAQ

How does Origami Owl Jewelry Work?

Building your own Origami Owl living locket is very easy. First, you have to choose a set of charms to add to your locket but make sure that the amount is just right for your locket size. Next, choose a locket in the size, color, and design that you like. Most living lockets already come with a simple 18-inch chain but you can always replace it if you want. Should you want to replace the existing chain, simply choose one from their chain collection. If you want to add more flair to your living locket, you can also choose to add a metal plate in the same color as your chain and locket and maybe a dangle or two. Remember, it's your story to tell so you can choose absolutely anything you want to add to your necklace! Enjoy!

Products Sold:

custom charm necklaces, charms, birthstones, lockets, necklace chains

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