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Medium Silver Living Locket Origami Owl

The first and most crucial step to creating an Origami Owl living locket is choosing the locket pendant, which will keep the charms and metal plates in place. If you want something simple yet elegant, then choosing a medium-sized locket like Origami Owl’s medium silver locket might be a good option for you. This living locket measures 25 mm in diameter and can fit 4 to 7 charms, depending on the sizes of the charms you choose. It can also fit in 2 small or medium metal plates with your message of choice. Made from quality metals and featuring a beautiful stainless steel finish, this living locket is tarnish-free and hypoallergenic.

The locket already comes with a simple 18-inch ball chain in silver but you can also replace it with a bigger or longer chain from Origami Owl’s chain collection. Pair it up with a silver metal plate and add a few charms that best describe your personality and interests and you’ve got yourself a stylish living locket that you can use everyday. Beautiful even in its simplicity, this living locket perfectly illustrates the elegance in simple things like silver jewelry.

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